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DVD copy for Mac
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DVD-Cloner 2016 13.50 liberado

    1. Supports more new DVD movies.
    2. Express interface: one click to make 1:1 DVD copy or compress one DVD-9 movie to a DVD-5 DVD±R/RW disc.
    3. Expert interface: movie complete copy, full 1:1 DVD disc copy, movie-only copy, split copy and movie customized copy.
    4. Added support for new Java protection.
    5. Enjoy every movie title or chapter directly with the preview window and don't need to install other DVD player software.
    6. Copies one DVD movie disc to a DVD movie folder for playback on the player software or TV, and a DVD player is not needed any more.
    7. Copies one DVD movie disc to an ISO image file for future burning or uploaded to the Internet easily.
    8. Supports the recorded DVD video discs.
    9. Added support to output 3D effect for subtitles when compressing 3D DVD movies to DVD-5 size.
    10. The inventive SRT™ enables you to copy latest DVD movies with much higher speed.
    11. Makes flawless copies of scratched DVDs, so you can bring your damaged movies back to life.
    12. Provides its own Universal Disk Format (UDF) reader. No need to install third-party UDF2.5 driver.
    13. Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.
    14. Updated language files.
    15. Added the prompt function to inform you of new product release in time.

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DVD-Cloner for Mac 4.70 liberado

    1. Supports more new DVD movies.
    2. Supports Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
    3. The brand-new interfaces make DVD copy for Mac much easier than before.
    4. Supports DVD-5 to DVD-5 copy and DVD-9 to DVD-9 copy block by block.
    5. Compatible with the latest Mac OS with the enhanced burn engine.
    6. Removes various DVD copy protections such as CSS, RE, RCE and region codes to copy DVD movies or play back on DVD players without restrictions.
    7. Copies scratched or damaged DVD discs.
    8. Copies a DVD disc to another blank DVD disc or to the hard disk as a VIDEO_TS folder or an ISO file for watching on your Mac without swapping DVD discs again.
    9. Select one or more desired chapters from the original DVD movie to copy, omitting unwanted movie contents.
    10. Makes another copy from the burnt DVD freely without using your original DVD disc again.
    11. Even if the IFO files can not be read, it enables you to copy the movie contents using "movie-only" or "movie customized" copy modes.
    12. Erases the rewritable DVD disc automatically before burning.
    13. Previews the main movie and extras with the built-in video player.

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