DVD-Cloner 3 - Copy Protected DVDs

DVD-Cloner 3 is ideal DVD copy software to copy DVD movies to DVD-R/RW easily. It only takes ONE CLICK to make a perfect DVD copy with DVD-Cloner 3. The copied discs can be played in most stand-alone DVD players. With DVD-Cloner 3, you can back up your favorite DVD movies and needn't worry about any damage to your original discs.

What's new in DVD-Cloner 3?

  • Newly designed encoding and burn engines
  • Supports episodic DVD copy
  • Creates customized copies
  • Preview your favorite chapter(s) before copying
  • Supports most prevailing DVD burners


  • Easy to use
    With just one click, you'll become a DVD backup expert!
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD copy
    Real 1:1 DVD copy with the title, menu, subtitle, audio& language included.
  • Creates customized copy
    Copies your favorite title & chapter & subtitle and audio;
  • Preview your favorite chapter(s) before copying
  • Supports episodic DVD copy
  • Copies your favorite chapter(s) without the necessity to copy the full DVD.
  • Supports DVD-9 to DVD-5 copy
    Compresses one DVD-9 movie to one DVD-5 ±R/RW without any quality loss.
  • Supports DVD-9 to DVD-9 copy
    Copies DVD-9 movie to an 8.5GB dual layer DVD +R/RW. Nothing to lose!
  • Compresses and backs up DVD movies from the hard disk.
  • High compatibility
    Supports PAL, NTSC, DVD±R/RW, all home stand-alone DVD players and most DVD burners.
  • High Speed
    DVD copy takes less than one hour to finish.

System requirements:

  •   Pentium-II 450 MHz or a faster processor
  •   64MB of RAM
  •   5GB free hard disk space for DVD-5 ; 10GB free hard disk space for DVD-9
  •   DVD Burners
  •  Windows ME/98/2000/XP

Top Recommended: DVD-Cloner Gold - $79.99

DVD Cloner Gold

DVD-Cloner Gold is the best DVD/Blu-ray copy and DVD/Blu-ray burn combo software. It has all the features of DVD-Cloner and Open SmartBurner plus the ability to copy all Blu-ray movies to the hard disk without any third-party plug-in.

DVD-Cloner's Bonus Software

free bonus

Free to convert DVD movies into MPEG, AVI and SVCD &VCD.

Buy DVD-Cloner 3 and you'll get free bonus DVD-to-AVI, DVD-to-MPEG and DVD-to-SVCD applications! Freely convert DVD to AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD or SVCD files to expand your multimedia entertainment!

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