Q: What are the different ways of purchasing?


CD Version Purchase
Those who have already registered DVD-Cloner can download it again from our website and register with the original code and email address. Or you can make a cd version simply by burning the installation file to a disc.
If you want to order a CDROM version of DVD-Cloner and pay by US dollar, you can order it at 
If you want to pay by foreign currency other than US dollar , please select the cdrom version then you can order cdrom version at
Then please tell us your order# of the cdrom version and we will refund your download version asap.
Pay by check/money order
If you want to pay by check/money,please click the "buy" button on the software which will lead you to the SWREG's order page. You can find the check/money order/wire/paypal option there.
Phone Call / Money Order
You can choose "order by phone" option at https://www.regsoft.net/regsoft/vieworderpage.php3?productid=55530 To order with money order is quiet easy. Just in https://www.dvd-cloner.com/order.html,select "order at SWREG.ORG",then follow the link, select "CHECK by US or UK checks or International Money Orders" option. You will get all information about buying with "money order/check".