How to check DVD-Cloner’s version?

1. If you are running DVD-Cloner, please click on the "Main menu" button and select the "Check upgrade" option.

2. If you are running a version before DVD-Cloner VI or if you are running DVD-Cloner VII, DVD-Cloner 8, DVD-Cloner 9, DVD-Cloner 2013, DVD-Cloner 2014, DVD-Cloner 2015, DVD-Cloner 2016 or DVD-Cloner 2017, please click on the "i" button next to the "?" button on the title bar to check your version.

3. If you are running DVD-Cloner VI, please click on the first button on the title bar "DVD-Cloner VI" to check your version and the latest version.

4. You may also check the newest version from our Release Page.

Updated : Aug 20, 2021.