When the source is DVD-5

Step 1: Insert the source DVD disc and run DVD-Cloner.

Step 2: Click on the "Copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD-5" button and DVD-Cloner will begin to read data.

Step 3: After the reading is completed, the drive ejects automatically. Insert the target DVD±R/RW and DVD-Cloner will begin to burn.


Step 4: Completed!


1. DVD-Cloner will automatically recognize the type of the source DVD and adjust the compression rate if necessary.

2. If you'd like your computer to shut down after the copy is completed, please close all the other programs and select "Shut down the computer when the copy is finished".

3. If you have a DVD reader and a DVD burner, please insert the source DVD into the reader and select the movie you'd like to burn. Make sure the movie information appears in the information bar. Then insert a blank DVD+/-R into the burner and click on the "Copy a DVD movie to a blank DVD-5" button. DVD-Cloner will automatically begin to read and burn, and won't prompt you to insert a DVD+/-R.