How to Create a CD Version of DVD-Cloner

If you need to reinstall DVD-Cloner, you can create a CD version of it. All you need to do is burn the install file, dcloner.exe, onto a CD disc with your own burning software. You can download dcloner.exe at the following link: download page.

Once you have the file, you can start the burning process. Depending on the software you're using, the steps may vary. Generally, you will need to select the file you want to burn, set the disc as a CD, and then start the burning process. Once the burning process is complete, you will have a CD version of DVD-Cloner that you can use in the future.

It is important to note that the files may be different depending on the version of DVD-Cloner you have installed. If you are unsure which version of DVD-Cloner you have, you can check the version number in the software's settings. You should also make sure to select the correct version of the install file when downloading it.

Creating a CD version of DVD-Cloner is a simple process that can save you time in the future. By having a CD version of the software, you can quickly reinstall it without having to download the install file again. With the steps outlined above, you can easily create a CD version of DVD-

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