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This DVD/Blu-ray/UHD copy software enables you to make perfect 1:1 copy of your favorite videos.

DVD-Cloner 2024, your comprehensive solution for DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD copying and ripping, now includes the advanced "Rip UHD to MKV (HDR 10+)" feature. Easily convert UHD discs to MKV (HDR10+) format, store them on an external hard drive, and enjoy playback on any 4K UHD Player. Experience the same Dolby HD Audio and HDR Video quality as the original disc. With its ultra-fast performance, intuitive interface, and versatile copy modes, DVD-Cloner 2024 ensures a seamless, lossless output. Fully compatible with Windows 11, it represents the next step in multimedia technology. Renew your registration licensing to stay ahead.

Achieve 20% higher copy speed with DVD-Cloner 64-bit

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Express and Expert Interface

One click to make 1:1 DVD copy or compress one DVD-9 movie to a DVD-5 DVD±R/RW disc.

Movie complete copy, Full 1:1 DVD disc copy, Movie-only copy, Split copy and Movie customized copy.

Why Choose DVD-Cloner?

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

Customizable Copy Modes

Customizable Copy Modes

Windows 11 Compatibility

Windows 11 Compatibility

Lightning-Fast Performance

Lightning-Fast Performance

Easy to use, just as easy as ABC

Easy to use, just as easy as ABC

Lossless Output Quality

Lossless Output Quality

Video Guide

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DVD-Cloner Features

Introducing DVD-Cloner 2024, the Latest Evolution in DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD Copying and Ripping:

For our valued existing DVD-Cloner customers, remember that upgrading to DVD-Cloner 2024 is seamless and cost-effective. Consider securing a longer-term upgrade licensing for uninterrupted access to these exciting new features. Longer terms not only offer better value but also ensure you're always at the forefront of DVD and Blu-ray technology advancements. Explore your options today!

Elevated User Experience:
  • Embrace the future with DVD-Cloner 2024's revamped interface, offering a sleek and intuitive UI that revolutionizes your copying and ripping journey.
Advanced Drive Compatibility:
  • Benefit from the enhanced embedded driver in DVD-Cloner 2024, ensuring seamless compatibility with an extensive array of external DVD/Blu-ray optical drives.
Superior Burning Performance:
  • Relish flawless playback on both contemporary and vintage DVD/Blu-ray players, courtesy of DVD-Cloner 2024's refined burning engine.
Access to the Newest Releases:
  • Stay ahead in the entertainment game with DVD-Cloner 2024's capability to support the latest movie releases from 2023-2024.
Improved Stability and Efficiency:
  • Experience the pinnacle of reliability and performance with comprehensive bug fixes in DVD-Cloner 2024.

Continued Excellence from DVD-Cloner Classic Features:

Advanced Blu-ray/UHD Copy Speed:
  • Benefit from the updated Blu-ray decryption function and optimized HST encoding acceleration technology for faster UHD backup speed (NVIDIA 1660 or higher graphics card recommended).
Easy To Use, Just As Easy As ABC:
  • DVD-Cloner is perfect for both novices and experienced users, offering intuitive Express and Expert modes for one-click copies and customized DVD copying, respectively.
Rip UHD to MKV (HDR10+) Format:
  • Use DVD-Cloner to rip UHD discs to MKV (HDR10+) format, save them to a mobile hard disk, and then connect them to a 4K UHD Player for playback. Enjoy Dolby HD Audio, HDR Video, and more, with the same quality as the source disc.
Express mode (One-click copy):
  • Copy DVD-5 to DVD-5
  • Copy DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • Copy Blu-ray to BD-25
  • Copy UHD to BD-50
  • Rip DVD to optimized MKV
  • Rip Blu-ray to optimized MKV with HDR10+ technology
Expert mode (Professional copy):
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy
  • Movie Complete Copy
  • Movie-Only Copy
  • Split DVD Copy
  • Movie Customized Copy
  • Rip DVD to MKV
  • Rip Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray to optimized MKV with HDR10+ technology
  • Burn a DVD movie from the hard disk to a DVD±R (DL)
  • Combine multiple DVDs to one DVD±R DL or BD-R/RE (DL)
  • Copy Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray movies

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Other Features:
  • Compatible with Windows 11
  • Optimized DVD burning engine
  • Download YouTube videos and capture PC playback with bonus Stream-Cloner Lite
  • Convert DVD movies to various formats with bonus Open DVD Ripper Lite
  • Brand new generation of "Dazzling colorful" style software interface
  • Flawless copies of scratched DVDs
  • Upgraded Smart Analyzer module
  • Manually set Read I/O pattern
  • Multi-language interface support
  • Zoom in/Zoom out operation interface
  • One-click installation option
  • Real-time feedback via shortcut window
  • Free 7-day trial before purchasing

Experience the next level of DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD management with the enhanced features of DVD-Cloner 2024.

If you want to rip Blu-ray movies to a format profile optimized for your device, please download the trial version of OpenCloner Ripper for free. *Trade names including YouTube, PS4/5, Xbox and others used above are the respective trademarks of their owners.

System Requirements


Minimum configuration:

  • Intel Core2
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 50GB free hard disk space (NTFS partition)
  • Windows 7
  • A DVD or Blu-ray disc drive

Recommended configuration:

  • Intel i5 or a faster processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500GB free hard disk space (NTFS partition)
  • A Blu-ray burner
  • Windows 10
  • A UHD friendly drive

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DVD-Cloner's Bonus Software

Free to download and capture online movies from the Internet for you to enjoy.

Open DVD Ripper Lite

Open DVD Ripper Lite is a smart ripping tool to convert DVD discs, DVD folders and ISO files to AVI, MPEG and SVCD formats. This one-click solution supports the conversion of the latest DVD movies. Besides, Open DVD Ripper Lite supports source movie preview and batch conversion. The wizard interfaces make the converting process easy and fun. The GPU acceleration function of Open DVD Ripper Lite largely increases the DVD conversion speed. Users can play back the converted movie quickly after the conversion with the shortcut icon. Now let's get the $29.99 worth of Open DVD Ripper Lite for free! Note:The registered users of Open DVD Ripper Lite (or DVD-Cloner 2024) can click here to upgrade to Open DVD ripper with only $14.99, to convert your DVD movies to much more video and audio formats.

More Info

Free to convert DVD movies to AVI, MPEG and SVCD formats.

Stream-Cloner Lite

Stream-Cloner Lite is a smart stream downloader to download and capture streaming video/audio from the Internet. With Stream-Cloner Lite, you can save and play back the downloaded and captured streaming video/audio directly on your PC. It enables you to download and play back multiple tasks at one time and adjust the parameters of the downloaded or captured movies. Now let's take this valuable opportunity to get Stream-Cloner Lite worth $39.99 for free! Note: The registered users of DVD-Cloner 2024 can click here to upgrade Stream-Cloner Lite to Stream-Cloner with only $14.99, to download online videos from all video and video-sharing websites as well as enjoy the video conversion function!

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DVD-Cloner 2024 V21.40.1486

Jun.13, 2024

  • Supports newly-released movies.
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