• Easy to use. It has been designed especially for inexperienced users; 3 clicks are enough to start ripping.
  • High speed: DVD-TO-SVCD has adopted the most advanced decoding calculation which brings up the amazing efficiency.
  • Brand-new DVD decryptor: Includes the CSS decryptor, supports more encrypted DVD movies.
  • Added the function of setting the video and audio bitrate (Kbit/s) of MPEG.
  • Perfect output effect. It can support most brands of CD writer, DVD writer, and the CD-R/RW can be backed up with perfect quality.
  • Powerful capability of recognition. As all products of FLEXIMAGE Company, DVD-TO-SVCD has preeminent power to decode DVD video discs.
  • Excellent effect. The VCD or SVCD made by DVD-TO-SVCD can be played on any VCD/SVCD player that supports CD-RW, without any skip, out of sync or watermark.
  • Multi-compatibility. It is compatible with most burners which will save you money!
  • Fine video - When watching the SVCD (VCD), you are enjoying the happiness from DVD since SVCD (VCD) has the same quality as DVD.
  • Supports chapter choosing and previewing.
  • Supports converting DVD to BIN image file.