Q: How to copy DVD movies on hard drive?


Step 1: Select source

Please click the button and select the path of source DVD movie from hard drive. Then DVD-Cloner will burn DVD movie from hard drive to DVD+-R/RW disc.

Step 2: Select target

Please click on the drop-down bar and select the correct DVD burner.

Step 3: Select your desired copy mode

1 If you want to make a 1:1 copy, please select "Burn DVD movie…… a D9 disc" option and click Start. Before it begins to copy, some detailed information will be displayed in the info window. You can define the number of discs to be copied here.

2 I f you want to make a compressed copy, please select "Compress….. disc(s)" option

If the source disc is DVD-5, please refer to HERE

If the source disc is DVD-9, please refer to HERE

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