How to Upgrade DVD-Cloner VI

DVD-Cloner is a great tool for copying and backing up DVDs. It's easy to use and provides a lot of features and options. If you have already purchased DVD-Cloner, or have received a free upgrade to Version VI, you may be wondering how to upgrade to the latest version.

Here we will discuss the upgrade policy for DVD-Cloner VI. We will also discuss how to check for updates and how to upgrade your DVD-Cloner software.

Upgrade Policy

For those who have purchased DVD-Cloner VI or paid to upgrade to Version VI, you will get one year of free upgrades. During this time, you can use any future version of DVD-Cloner for free.

For those who have received a free upgrade to DVD-Cloner VI, you will get six months of free upgrades from the day of purchase.

How to Check for Updates

If there is a new version available, DVD-Cloner will prompt you to upgrade. To check if your current version is the latest one, click the "i" icon and the "About" window will open. Then, click "CHECK UPGRADE".

How to Upgrade DVD-Cloner

Upgrading DVD-Cloner is easy. First, make sure you have the latest version of DVD-Cloner installed. Then, download the

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