How to Upgrade to the CD-Rom Version of DVD-Cloner

If you have already purchased the Demo version of DVD-Cloner and would like to upgrade to the CD-Rom version, we offer an E-delivery service. Unfortunately, you will not receive a backup disc as it is not available for purchase.

Once you have bought the CD-Rom version, you should receive a confirmation email from our re-seller (payment processor) within two hours. If you do not receive the email, please contact us for installation and registration information. We are the publisher of the software and will be able to help you.

We also provide one-year free upgrade for the standard license and a lifetime free upgrade for a lifetime license. This means that you can download the latest version of the software directly from our website without needing a backup disc.

If you still need a backup disc, you can use your own burning program to burn the installation exe file of DVD-Cloner to a disc. You can also create a bootable DVD or CD with the installation exe file, allowing you to install the software on any computer with a compatible optical drive.

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