Q: I select to split DVD-9 to two DVD-5s, after burning the first DVD-5 disc, DVD-Cloner did not call for the removal of first DVD-5 or for the insertion of second DVD-5.

A: Splitting a DVD-9 to two DVD-5 discs will separate the menu, the extra and the first half of the movie from the second half of the movie into two disks. If the movie is less than 4.5GB, after removing the menu and the extra, it will be backed up into just one disc. So DVD-Cloner will not call for the removal of the first DVD-5 disc and insertion of the second disc. A DVD-5 blank disc is 4.7GB. If the movie is over 4.5GB, after removing the menu and extra, please tell me the name of the movie, the publishing studio of the movie. Please then email the recdvd.log file to support_hzx@dvd-cloner.com by attachment. Our expert will analyse the log file and then test the movie on our side. You can find it in the installation directory of DVD-Cloner. Please don't close DVD-Cloner before you get the recdvd.log file. If you re-open DVD-Cloner, the recdvd.log file will be erased. Please use DVD+/-RW disc which is rewritable.

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