How to Burn a DVD with DVD-Cloner

Burning a DVD with DVD-Cloner is a simple and effective way to back up your data and store it for long-term use. DVD-Cloner is a powerful and versatile DVD burning software that can be used to burn DVDs with ease. Here are some tips on how to burn a DVD with DVD-Cloner:

  1. Make sure that your DVD burner supports the DVDr/rw disc you use.
  2. Select 4x or 1x as the burning speed in the Advanced Option and use 4x namebrand DVDr/rw disc, such as Memorex, Fujifilm, or Verbatim for example.
  3. If you use DVDrw disc, format it before burning.
  4. Select your hard drive as target and backup your DVD on your hard drive. Then you may burn from HDD to DVDr/rw disc with Nero or roxio.
  5. Launch DVD-Cloner and select the 'Copy' option.
  6. Select the source DVD, target drive, and the burning speed.
  7. Click 'Start' to begin the burning process.
  8. Once the burning process is complete, you will be notified and the DVD will be ready to use.

DVD-Cloner is a great tool for anyone who wants to back up their data to a DVD and store it for long-term use

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