Specifications of BD (Blu-ray Disc)

BD (Blu-ray Disc) specifications are governed by a comprehensive set of system descriptions. These descriptions define the mechanical properties, optical signal attributes, physical structure, writing methods, and testing conditions that apply to the range of BD disc formats. These encompass BD-ROM (Read Only Memory), BD-R (Recordable), BD-RE (Rewritable), and BD Hybrid. Furthermore, the specifications for BD-R/RE AV and BD-ROM AV, which incorporate HDMV (High Definition Movie Mode) and BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) modes, are established and periodically updated by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA).

Established in 2002, the BDA was co-founded by industry giants such as Hitachi, LG Electronics, Matsushita Electric, Pioneer, Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sharp, Sony, and Thomson. As of the present, there is no intention to develop BD specifications into standards recognized by ECMA International or ISO/IEC.

For those looking to copy, burn, or back up BD discs, DVD-Cloner serves as an invaluable asset. It is proficient in duplicating BD-R, BD-RE, and BD-ROM discs while maintaining exceptional quality. Furthermore, it extends its support to the latest BD-R DL (Dual Layer) formats, thereby enabling users to effortlessly back up their BD discs.

BD discs represent the pinnacle of optical disc technology with their high storage capacity and quality. Understanding their specifications can help users effectively handle and use these discs. Meanwhile, tools like DVD-Cloner ensure that regardless of the format, users can confidently copy and back up their valuable data from BD discs. Whether it's for data preservation or sharing multimedia, DVD-Cloner is a versatile tool designed to meet a variety of BD disc handling needs.

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