Supports the Backup of Latest Movies

  • Capernaum

  • Happy Death Day 2U

  • Lazzaro felice

  • Cold Pursuit

  • Fighting with My Family

  • The Upside

  • Bumblebee

  • Vice

  • The Mule

  • The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

DVD-Cloner V6.00

  • Enhanced the burn engine, fast and stable burn.
  • Verifies data after the burn, ensuring a perfect 1:1 copy.
  • Supports the backup of latest Blu-ray movies. Burns Blu-ray movies to the hard disk.
  • Supports the backup of ISO, NRG files.
  • Burns two DVD movies onto one DVD-R/RW DL with customized menu.
  • With "Split DVD-9 to two DVD-5s" copy mode, the movie title and menu of source DVD will be copied to the second disc for your convenience.
  • Improved the chapter copy function, great for episodic DVD copy.
  • Brand-new user interface. Step by step direction makes the burning simple.

DVD-Cloner V5.60

  • Fixed the problem that certain mistakes occurred during the burning process in some burners.

DVD-Cloner V5.50

  • Enhanced SmartAnalyzer's ability to analyze DVDs, perfectly backing up the newly released DVDs.
  • Enhanced the burning function. Users can select any one of the three data I/O interface engines.

DVD-Cloner V5.40

  • Fixed the bug of being mistaken as virus by some anti-spyware.

DVD-Cloner V5.30

  • Newly added the feature of copying DVD movies to shareddocs in LAN.

DVD-Cloner V5.20

  • Added the SmartAnalyzer™ disc scanning function. Now DVD-Cloner can copy all latest movies perfectly.
  • Added the option of removing menus when splitting a DVD-9 disc to two DVD-5 discs.
  • Optimized the playback of copied discs on the home player.
  • Modified some prompts of the selection of widescreen or fullscreen when copying with "Movie only" mode.
  • Improved the compatibility with other burning software. The copies dumped by DVD-Cloner will be burned perfectly by other burning software.

DVD-Cloner V5.10

  • Supports the backup of more DVD movies.
  • Optimized the burn speed.
  • Revised the "Open movie failed" problem while copying some latest movies.
  • Revised the problem that some copied DVD movies can't be played normally.
  • Supports the backup of more Blu-ray/HD DVDs.
  • Revised the problem that some copied Blu-ray/HD DVDs can't be played normally.

DVD-Cloner V5.00

  • Brand-new burning engine, perfect 1:1 DVD copy - brings you an excellent burning experience. The copied disc will remain 100% same to the original with absolutely no quality loss.
  • Perfectly synchronized audio and video.
  • Much easier to use - intuitively recognizes the disc's format and automatically provides the appropriate copy modes and options.
  • Chapter selection allows you to only copy the sections you want. 
  • Batch copying enables you to define the number of discs you would like to burn.
  • Copies DVD movies to ISO or NRG files or backs up your DVD movies directly to the hard drive (FAT32, NTFS supported), burns ISO and NRG file to DVDs.
  • Supports the backup of Blu-ray/HD DVD movies. Now you can back up HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies to your hard drive and watch them with Cyberlink PowerDVD, WinDVD as you like!
  • Trial version - makes one full copy for free!
  • Smart Help Tech - intelligently detects errors during the copy and prompts you how to deal with them.

DVD-Cloner V4.70

  • Fixed some bugs in DVD-Cloner V4.60.

DVD-Cloner V4.60

  • Fixed the problem that "Please specify output directory" appeared while copying some films.
  • Fixed the problem that the volume of DVD in the browser didn't renew after the copy.
  • Fixed the problem that the copied disc played disorderedly after copying multi-angle discs with "Split one DVD-9 to two DVD-5s" copy.