Supports the Backup of Latest Movies

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  • Jumanji: The Next Level

  • Official Secrets

DVD-Cloner V7.30

  • Fixed the problem that CSS decryption is incomplete while making 1:1 copy to the hard disk.
  • Enhanced SmartAnalyzer, better supports the backup of latest DVD movies.

DVD-Cloner V7.20

  • Fixed the mfc bug during the customized copy.
  • Enhanced the compatibility for players.

DVD-Cloner V7.10

  • Allowed users to select audio & subtitles under the customized copy mode.
  • Allowed users to select audio & subtitles when copying DVD-5 movies with "movie-only" copy mode.

DVD-Cloner V7.00

  • Innovative ERT™ DVD reading technology.
  • Enhanced Blu-ray copy function allows you to enjoy high-definition movies without any extra expense.
  • DVD-5 to DVD-9 copy
  • Makes home DVDs/TV series/TV shows.
  • Opens log files with a shout-cut key.
  • Previews the picture effect with compressed DVD copy.

DVD-Cloner V6.70

  • Optimized the burn engine, supports the backup of latest DVD movies.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

DVD-Cloner V6.60

  • Added the setup options of SmartAnalyzer in Read I/O.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

DVD-Cloner V6.50

  • Enhanced the burn engine, perfect 1:1 DVD/Blu-ray copy.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

DVD-Cloner V6.40

  • Enhanced SmartAnalyzer, perfect analysis of the latest DVD movies.
  • Better backup quality of episodic DVD movies.
  • Optimized multi-language.

DVD-Cloner V6.30

  • Enhanced SmartAnalyzer, perfect 1:1 DVD copy.

DVD-Cloner V6.20

  • Copies DVD movies to a removable drive.
  • Enhanced encoding engine, better video quality.
  • Fixed the problem that the first target disc is too large when splitting a DVD to two DVD-5s.
  • Fixed the problem of "out DVD-5 size" in some movies with the movie complete copy mode.