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apple banana
Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.

+apple +juice
Find rows that contain both words.

+apple macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but rank rows higher if they also contain 'macintosh'.

+apple -macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

+apple ~macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but if the row also contains the word 'macintosh', rate it lower than if row does not. This is "softer" than a search for '+apple -macintosh', for which the presence of 'macintosh' causes the row not to be returned at all.

+apple +(>turnover <strudel)
Find rows that contain the words 'apple' and 'turnover', or 'apple' and 'strudel' (in any order), but rank 'apple turnover' higher than 'apple strudel'.

Find rows that contain words such as 'apple', 'apples', 'applesauce', or 'applet'.

"some words"
Find rows that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, rows that contain 'some words of wisdom' but not "some noise words").

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