Stream-Cloner Lite


  • Downloads your favorite online movies, streaming video, online flash and interactive VOD.
  • Captures anything playing on your PC.
  • Plays back the downloaded and captured streaming video/audio directly.
  • Supports for downloading HD streaming video.
  • Drags a region for capture manually.
  • Picks an object for capture automatically.
  • Multiple-task mode - Downloads and plays back multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Supports various popular browsers including IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Makes various preferred settings for the captured video/audio.
  • Supports various video websites such as YouTube, IMDB,, Vimeo,, Movieweb, Video.yahoo¹, etc for download.
  • Supports all video websites including Netflix, iTunes, Redbox¹, etc for capture.
  • Keeps the window to be captured topmost while capturing.
  • Plays sound when the download is completed.
  • Begins the unfinished task(s) when Stream-Cloner Lite starts.
  • Sets the maximum analysis duration time.

¹: Trade names including YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, IMDB, VEVO, AOL, iFilm, My space,, Vimeo,, Movieweb,, Netflix, iTunes, Redbox and others used above are the respective trademarks of their owners.

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