Best AMZN Prime Video Downloader Review

AMZN Prime Video offers the offline playback feature to allow subscribers to save content on devices for viewing later when they’re away from a Wi-Fi connection or have limited internet connectivity. Notice, however, this feature is available exclusively on Fire tablet, iOS & Android, Windows 10 devices. Some subscribers who own Windows 7 or 8 computers don’t have access to this feature. There are fewer things more frustrating than this one. Under such a case, some may wonder if there is a way to get through this limit and play Prime Video offline freely on any device.

Definitely yes! All you need is a powerful AMZN Prime Video Downloader. However, it’s not an easy job to choose a good program, as there are a great many diversified AMZN Prime video downloading tools on the market. With that in mind, here list a great Prime Video Downloader that we felt most satisfied with, based on detailed comparison and constant tests, to help you avoid wasting time and effort.

Best AMZN Video downloader

The Most Powerful AMZN Video Downloader

The smart tool we are talking about above is called Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader. It is a professional video downloading tool for AMZN Prime Video, capable of downloading any movie or TV show from Prime Video in HD quality with great speed. Equipped with a unique and fast information processing system, it has the ability to pinpoint the videos quickly by the videos’ name and link. After downloading, all AMZN Prime videos are recorded and saved as MP4 or MKV files to the hard drive on your PC. You will be able to easily move the downloaded files to any device to watch any time – even offline.

Plus, it works on computers running Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. If you more focus on the download speed, video quality, program compatibility & performance, Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader is not to be missed.

Key Features of Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader

Best AMZN Video Downloader
  • Download movies and TV shows from Prime Video.

  • Download Prime Video in MP4 or MKV format.

  • Support downloading the HD AMZN video.

  • Keep audio tracks and subtitles in all languages.

  • Require no additional apps, including Prime Video app.


How to Download AMZN Video with Streaming-Cloner

Before getting started, please make sure you have installed the latest version of Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader on your computer. Next, you can follow these steps to download AMZN videos on computer. If you expect to download AMZN videos on Windows 7 or 8 computers, you can refer to this guide.

Step 1. Log into AMZN Account

Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader requires an official AMZN or Prime Video account before starting any download. Please enter any word in the search box, and then a window will pop up asking you to sign in to AMZN. Follow the instructions to enter your AMZN account and password.

Login Prime Video

Step 2. Customize Output Settings

Click the “Setup” button on the upper right corner to set output format (MKV or MP4), output quality (0-15), the language of audio and subtitle as needed. And you can also set the Output Path in this window.


Step 3. Add AMZN Videos

Simply enter the video’s name, or copy the video’s link from AMZN Prime Video web player to the search box. Then hit the “Enter” button, the program will recognize and display the video immediately.

Search for AMZN Video

Step 4. Start Downloading AMZN Video

Now, all you need is to click the “Download” button to start downloading AMZN videos on your computer. When the download is completed, you can check the download files or locate the downloaded files by tapping the “Library” button or going to the output folder directly.

Downloading AMZN Video


Whether you are looking for a tool to download AMZN Prime videos offline or save them in MP4 format, Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader is always helpful. It is powerful and comes with numerous amazing features that make it easy for you to download movies or TV shows from Prime Video as HD MP4 and MKV files with great speed. And it offers a free trial version which enables you to download the whole video with watermarks embedded. If you don’t believe it, simply download and test if it can meet your demand for AMZN video downloading.

Note: The free trial version of the Streaming-Cloner AZ Downloader has the same features as the full version, but it only enables you to download the whole video with watermarks embedded. To remove the watermarks, you are suggested to purchase the full version.

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