How to rip UHD Blu-ray to an MKV file?

Matroska multimedia container format ‘MKV’ is widely used in the media conversion industry, and its most important feature is that it supports a large number of stream formats, so DVD-Cloner adopted this format. You can keep all the video, audio, subtitle and other information in the UHD Blu-ray disc. So we recommend the MKV format when you rip UHD Blu-ray. The following is about how to rip UHD Blu-ray to MKV using DVD-Cloner.

1. Prepare

  1. Install the latest version of DVD-Cloner (or DVD-Cloner Gold, or DVD-Cloner Platinum).

  2. A friendly UHD drive.

2. Steps

  1. Insert the UHD Blu-ray disc that you need to rip into the UHD friendly drive.

  2. Run DVD-Cloner. Click the “RIP TO MKV” button.

UHD blu-ray to mkv

  1. Finished.

By default, UHD Blu-ray will be converted to H.264 format, and the file size is about 5GB including all tracks. If you want to convert it to H.265 format or change the output size, you need to modify the settings in “Setup”. Please refer to

How to encode DVD or Blu-ray to H.265 format.

Updated : Aug 20, 2021.