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Illegal and Legal DVD Copy

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2017

The legal DVD copy is a very controversial topics, usually heated debate topics, especially since the legal means to reach an agreement. It is illegal to copy DVDs? Even backup for personal use? If consumers go shopping to buy a DVD in a legal way, and found that some fragments were skipped, is it still illegal copies of consumers to burning a copy for personal use?


Shortly answer, both "yes" and "no".


The most important is no such thing called legal DVD copying. However, some aspects of the law are not particularly clear, and open to the public. When it comes down to it, copy DVD is illegal, Whenever the CSS (content harass system), which is an encrypted code to protect DVD being copied, is read.


Unfortunately for Hollywood, CSS encrypted code is incompetent. This code is cracked, and countless DVD copy tools will burn perfect copies, although the entertainment industry has been doing a hard work. Although according to the technology, legal DVD copy does not exist as to Hollywood, regardless of their safety measures, and many people are copying DVDs.


When it comes down to it, there is such thing as a legal DVD copying. What is illegal, however, is the interpretation of the CSS encryption code. Therefore, unless with the accessing to the old copy of DVD, DVD burning software and an old DVD drivers, it is difficult to copy the DVD in the legal way. This does not prevent the fact that there are numerous software programs and upgrades are being made every day to burn a copy successful, even if it means the code to read speculation.


Some of these software programs for only advanced users, who can manually go straight through encryption protection themselves. Illegal or legal DVD copying, it does matter for some people, as if they can make a very good and high-quality DVD copy successfully. Even those who have neither the knowledge of how to make a DVD copy can find automated software easily. This is really not difficult to grasp.


Make a copy of backup software and/or game and not a movie? There are many legal DVD copies of purpose. After all, if copy everything is 100% illegal, as to copy DVD and CD, why burners even in the first place? Why there are DVD-R in the market? Obviously, there are a lot of lawful purposes. Many people do the most important software and backup DVD.


In order to find out more about legal DVD copy, you'd better to learn all the different software programs working process and their reviews. For some, are a big deal, they do not care whether it is illegal or legal. For others, although all of it is a big deal, they don't like to take any risks. Hollywood take advantage of the most advanced technology, and to find a way to change the law so that everyone can be happy, we have only to continue to debate about illegal and legal DVD copying topics.

Article ID: 263
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2017
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