How to quickly Rip an encrypted DVD movie to a mp4 file?

Nowadays, many movie lovers want to save the DVD to the hard disk. The MP4 file format not only can be stored on the hard disk on mobile phones, smart TVs, etc., but also without worrying about data corruption and loss. So how to quickly convert a DVD to an MP4 file is a very simple matter.

1. Prepare software

OpenCloner Ripper software (Download OpenCloner Ripper) is a software for ripping DVD/BLU-RAY/UHD movies, and it also has the functions of media file format conversion and iTunes movie DRM removal. The ripping DVD feature is very powerful and very easy to use. First download and install this software. This software provides a 7- day trial period. If you often need to rip DVD, you can purchase and register for long-term use.

2. Prepare DVD

Everyone knows that the DVD movies we buy generally have CSS/REGION protection and can only be played on a dedicated DVD Player. It cannot be copied or ripped. As early as many years ago, hackers cracked this protection so that DVDs could be copied and ripped. In order to make up for this loophole, DVD publishers have tried to modify the DVD data and prevent the DVD from being copied.

For example, the DVD “HAIRSPRAY” released by NEW LINE HOME ENTERTAINMENT uses a lot of bad sectors technology (as shown in the figure below, the files in the red box are unreadable bad sector files). When the CD-ROM drive reads these bad locations, it will get stuck and cannot read the data.

When you find that your DVD has these features, don’t worry, it may prevent some DVD copy software from copying, but it won’t block OpenCloner Ripper, because OpenCloner Ripper can intelligently analyze the encryption features of DVDs, remove and bypass these protections.

bad sectors dvd

3. Ripping

Step1: Put the DVD that needs rip into the CD-ROM drive, then start OpenCloner Ripper. Click the “Load DVD/Blu-ray discs” button to select the corresponding DVD volume label.

opencloner Ripper

OpenCloner Ripper begin to analyze the cracked disc and open the file, please be patient and wait for the end.

opencloner Ripper

Step2: Confirm the title you want to rip from the title list. By default OpenCloner Ripper will only select the main movie title. If you need to rip tidbits, you can choose more (the title preview image is available for easy selection). At the same time, click the “>” button in front of the title name to expand the TreeList and select the audio track and subtitles.

opencloner Ripper

After you have selected it, click “NEXT” to continue.

Step3: Confirm the Encoder information. By default OpenCloner Ripper will use the “Fast DVD” preset. If you need to change the encoder, click the encoder selection box to select it, or click the “Edit” button to modify the encoding parameters.

opencloner Ripper

Check the Information window, if it is what you want, click “START” to continue after confirming it. (if you are new to this and don’t fully understand the meaning of the information, it doesn’t matter, just click the Start button)

Step4: Start Ripping.

After the Rip task starts, there will be Scanning, analyzing, encode-pass1, encode-pass2, 4 processes. The first three processes are faster, the last process is quite long, and the whole task takes about 2~3 hours. (If you use a high-profile PC, it will greatly reduce the ripping time). Please be patient and wait for the task to complete.In addition, try to enable GPU acceleration in Setup, which can greatly speed up the transcoding.

opencloner Ripper

step5: Finish.

opencloner Ripper

Congratulations, ripping is done perfectly.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.