DVD copy protection strengthened

Recently, a new anti-piracy method appeared that made more difficult to copy DVD.


Because the present DVD copy protection had been hacked for more than five yeas, the pirated DVD market developed so fast and is huge now.


The new technology SmartAnalyzer™ could thwart almost all DVD copy programs used to pirate DVDs, but not all. It is special to reduce DVD copying and result the supply of illegal point to point. it can work on almost DVD players, but not sure how many players would have a problem.


Hollywood film studio is increasing DVD sales revenue, so Hollywood will welcome the new technology. In past, the film industry has made every effort to fight with DVD copy pirate, take legal actions against the websites that provide pirate DVD movie copies to download. Now, the now technology evolved anti-piracy, enable legitimate transactions online, realize interoperability in future digital home, and support upcoming high definition formats.


The new technology also can update to the new anti-copying measures and then stop them.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.