Introduction of the Express Interface

1. Information bar: Shows the information about the source DVD disc.
2. Select a source drive: Select the source DVD movie to be copied.
3. OpenCloner Express Center: Opens the free built-in software OpenCloner Express Center.
4. Switch to the Expert interface: Enters the Expert interface.
5. Advanced setup: Enters the "Advanced setup" window.
6. About: Opens the "About" window.
7. Help: Opens the "Help" file.
8. Minimize: Minimizes DVD-Cloner to the icon tray.
9. Exit: Exits DVD-Cloner.
10. Eject the source disc: Ejects the source DVD disc.
11. COPY TO D5: Copies the source DVD disc to a blank DVD-5 disc.
12. COPY TO D9: Copies the source DVD disc to a blank DVD-9 disc.