What’s the video quality of the DVDs copied by DVD-Cloner for Mac?

DVD-Cloner for Mac can make perfect 1:1 DVD copy for Mac OS and compress one DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 with high image quality.





"Video quality for DVD":
When we refer to the word "video", we always associate it with "quality", which is the most important aspect of video. DVD video is usually encoded to MPEG-2 format. The encoding process is to use lossy compression to remove redundant information which is not readily perceptible by the human eye. The resulting video quality may sometimes contain visual flaws if the processing is too complicated or the amount of compression is too much. Video from DVD sometimes contains visible artifacts such as color banding, blurriness, blockiness, fuzzy dots, shimmering, missing detail, or even "double faces" effect (one floating behind another). Then what does "artifact" mean? It refers to anything that is not supposed to appear in the picture due to poor MPEG encoding and lead to poor video quality. Artifacts are sometimes caused by poor MPEG encoding and more caused by some external factors such as poor TV adjustment, bad cables or electrical interference.
If someone uses the phrase "DVD quality video", it usually means one of the three things. Their product is rubbish, or they don't know anything about DVD video standard, or even they are just trying to mislead you. When referring to video quality, people will consciously associate it with pictures they are used to seeing. Here I recommend that manufacturer, system reseller, or integrator ask for the supported resolutions, bit rates, compression schemes, frame rates and export options.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.