How to remove the HDCP protection of a video capture card?

How to remove the HDCP protection of a video capture card?

There are many options of video capture devices on the market now, but due to the HDCP protection, most of users encounter a lot of difficulties when using these video capture cards to record their favorite videos. This article mainly introduces how to Strip HDCP of ClonerAlliance and some other brands of video capture devices on the market.

As you may be aware, the first method is to use an HDMI splitter.

But I believe that some of you who have already paid for a video capture device may not want to pay to buy a splitter to solve the HDCP problem. Since purchasing an HDMI splitter and additional necessary cables will increase the cost and also may bring some trouble. This leads to a question, How to bypass or strip HDCP without buying an HDMI splitter to remove HDCP?

Take ClonerAlliance products as an example, you can use the free software Open PassDCP. Then you may want to ask, What is Open PassDCP?

Open PassDCP is a free utility software for you to crack various video capture devices and strip the HDCP protection from the devices. Up to now, Open PassDCP has supported to Crack ClonerAlliance products and remove HDCP protection from them. With the development of the next version, Open PassDCP will support more brands of products.

For detailed usage process, please refer to How to use Open PassDCP to strip HDCP


  • Totally free.

  • Fast.

  • Permanently remove and strip HDCP protection.

  • Suitable for many brands and models of video capture products.


  • You need to install Open PassDCP software on your PC. I think that it is not a big deal, all of the video capture cards need to work with software on PC.

Recommended level: 5 stars


Updated : 2023-08-11.