Introduction to How Blu-ray Discs Work

DVD, a new technology appeared in 1997, which stirred up a revolution in the movie industry, and introduced audio and video into home entertainment all over the whole world.

In 2006, along with the introduction of Blu-ray disc, the whole movie industry met another revolution. Blu-ray disc has much large storage capacity than DVD. And just because this, it can keep and play large high definition audios and videos, as well as pictures, data and other digital content smoothly.

At present, a single-side standard DVD can hold 4.7 gigabytes information. That's about two hours' show with some additional features film. But a high-definition movie with greatly improved and clear image requires about five times bandwidth than above, so we need a disc of bandwidth approximately has five times more storage. For TV and film studios to transfer to the high definition, consumers need a more storage capacity playback system.

The next generation of digital video disc is Blu-ray discs. It can record, store and broadcast high definition video and digital audio, and computer data. The most Blu-ray superior point is that it can storage sheer amount of information.

A single Blu-ray disc, roughly the same size of DVD, can accommodate 27 GB data - that is more than two hours of high-definition video or 13 hours of standard video.

A double Blu-ray disc can be stored up to 50 GB, enough about 4.5 hours or more high definition video footage of the standard 20 hours. Even a project planned to develop two times of storage.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.