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Why should you choose a Plug and Play UHD friendly drive instead of downgrading firmware DIY?

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Last updated: 27 Feb, 2019

diy or buy uhd friendly drive

If you want to backup a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, you need an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and an UHD backup software. However, if the Blu-ray drive is original manufactured or it was updated with the latest firmware, then it may not be able to work with the UHD backup software any more. Actually, many newly released Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drives have been no longer UHD friendly. There are three solutions here:

1. Buy a new Blu-ray drive and downgrade firmware with free software tools

This may sound like a good idea, since there is no any cost. However, there are obvious disadvantages there, such as high difficulty and demand for technique, etc. Please refer to How to downgrade UHD friendly drive firmware to learn about how to use free tools to downgrade firmware. If you haven’t worked in IT field, the solution is hard for you to implement for you. The most critical thing is that you will have to find an obsolete desktop computer with supporting IDE mode. You have to take the failure risk by yourself. Once the firmware downgrading is processed improperly, your UHD drive will be thrown into the trash.

2. Buy a new Blu-ray drive and use paid software tools to downgrade firmware

Nowadays, some paid firmware downgrade tools such as Firmware Flash Tool, UHD Drive Tool, UHD Suite ,etc have been released. It is not recommended to pay for such applications. Because they are very expensive, and essentially use the same technology as free software tools. The paid tools also require an obsolete desktop computer with supporting IDE mode. The failure risk is still on your own. Once the firmware downgrading is failure, you will lose both money and the new drive. Those software tools’ developers won’t pay one cent for your losses.

3. Simply buy a Plug and Play UHD friendly drive

The third solution is to go for a Plug and Play UHD friendly drive. All your need to do is purchase a Plug and Play UHD friendly drive. The drive is a bit more expensive than an new Blu-ray drive. There are reasons to pay the money for it: No software is required, there is no need to take any risks, free shipping and professional technical support.

Which solution should you use?

Let’s see more details below:

First, downgrading drive firmware using a free tool involves complex operations and professional computer knowledge, so you must be a tech savvy. If operated improperly, it may result in downgrade failure, or even damage the optical drive and void the warranty.

In addition, you need to switch AHCI to IDE mode in the BIOS settings of computer system. However, for the latest computer system, you may not be able to find an option to set the IDE mode any more. The only way out is to try to find an obsolete computer system. This process is very time consuming.

Paid UHD drive tools are very expensive (more than $200). The tools use the techniques as similar as free software tools. Downgraded drives are poor compatibility with UHD backup software tools, so paid UHD drive tools are not recommended at all.

In contrast, buying a ready Plug and Play UHD friendly drive is the best option. It can be achieved with a reasonable price, no need for much technical knowledge and support all UHD backup tools. Meanwhile, you can get professional technical support from the sellers anytime. Why not?

Comparison table of 3 solutions

Buying Plug and Play UHD friendly drives Buying new drive and using free tools Buying new drive and buying paid UHD Drive Tools
Difficulty Very Easy Very difficult Difficult
Risk Risk-Free High High
Cost Medium Low Expensive
Compatibility Supports all UHD backup tools Supports all UHD backup tools Supports only one UHD backup tool
Requirements for PC Nothing required PC Must support IDE mode PC Must support IDE mode
After-sales service Yes No No
Recommended rating https://static.opencloner.com/image/kb/5-stars.png https://static.opencloner.com/image/kb/3-stars.png Not recommended

Recommended Plug and Play UHD friendly drives: CA-BW-16D1HT/CA-BC-12D2HT

Model: CA-BW-16D1HT Model: CA-BC-12D2HT
BUY CA-BW-16D1HT NOW. Price: USD$166.99. Free Shipping BUY CA-BC-12D2HT NOW. Price: USD$126.99. Free Shipping
us-flag-16D1HT en-flag-16D1HT de-flag-16D1HT fr-flag-16D1HT it-flag-16D1HT es-flag-16D1HT us-flag-12D2HT en-flag-12D2HT de-flag-12D2HT fr-flag-12D2HT it-flag-12D2HT es-flag-12D2HT

Tip: How to switch to your local country for purchase the drives.

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Article ID: 413
Last updated: 27 Feb, 2019
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