How to download, install and register Streaming-Cloner Ultimate?

  1. Please download the latest version of Streaming-Cloner Ultimate at:

  2. Please go to the “Downloads” folder on your PC and double click on the installer to install the software. Follow the wizard to finish the installation.
  1. Run the program after installation, click the “key” icon in the lower right corner on either one of the downloaders.
  1. Input your code to the register window and then click on the “Register” button to finish registration.
  1. Or you can also select to go into a downloader from the home interface first and then you will see a window popped up as below.
  1. Click “Register” button to get the register window, and then input your license code to finish the registration.

Tip: For the users of Streaming-Cloner Ultimate, after you finish registration in either one of the downloaders, others will be automatically registered together.

  1. After you finish registration using an Ultimate version code, the “Get Ultimate Version” on the bottom of the home interface will become to the “Ultimate” badge. Click on it, you will see “You are using Streaming-Cloner Ultimate. All streaming downloaders had been registered. Enjoy!”.

Updated : 2023-08-11.