How to transcode a 4K video file to be uploaded to Youtube?

If you want to share your 1080p video on youtube in 4K format, then you need the format conversion software to transcode first. It is recommended to use OpenClonerRipper software to easily implement 4K transcoding.

1. Prepare software

OpenCloner Ripper software (Download OpenCloner Ripper) is a DVD ripping software and a transcoding software. It can convert a wide variety of videos into MP4 files in H264/H265 format. First download and install this software, we will use this software as an example to explain how to transcode.

2. Analyze the source video and determine which parameters to modify.

First of all, before the start of transcoding, we have to know the encoding format of our source video file, and know what our target encoding format is. We can view the source video encoding information through MediaInfo software. Below is an example:

Media info

Note the information in the red circle, our source video file format is: video: AVC (H264) codec, 1080p@23.976fps, 4747kbps audio: AAC codec, 48KHZ, 192KBps.

By consulting Youtube, we know that the 4K encoding information recommended by Youtube video is: Video: AVC (H264), Audio: AAC.

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

By comparison, we need to modify the video resolution to 4K (3840x2160), modify the frame rate to 30, and increase the bit rate. In addition, by previewing the source video, we found that the video content is clear, there is no noise, and no need to add filters to deal with. Audio coding does not need to be modified, but the bit rate needs to be increased to 384Kbps.

So we have determined what we need to modify:

  • Modify the resolution to 4K (3840x2160).

  • Modify the frame rate to 30.

  • The code rate is modified to 45Mbps.

  • The audio code rate is modified to 384kbps.

3. Start OpenCloner Ripper and start transcoding

Start the installed OpenCloner Ripper software, then open the source video file. After opening the file successfully, you will see the following figure:

OpenCloner Ripper Open MP4

This window is mainly used for custom audio and subtitle tracks. Since our source video has only 1 track and no subtitles, we don't need to make any changes. Just click "Next" to continue.

4. Modify the encoding parameters

In this window, we first need to select a preset profile close to our encoding settings. Click the red button in the figure to select the general->Fast 2160p30.

OpenCloner Ripper Encoder

By observing the information in the window above, we found that we need to adjust some parameters to suit our needs. Now click the "setup" button in the second red box to open the Edit encoder window.

OpenCloner Ripper Encoder

First we need to adjust the rate control method to "Avg bitrate" and enter the code rate of 45000, as shown above. Then switch to the Audio tab and make the Audio settings.

OpenCloner Ripper Encoder

In the Audio settings we only need to modify the bit rate to 384kbps, as shown above. After the modification is completed, click OK to close the window. We have modified all the parameters we need.

And then, in the information window again, confirm that our settings are correct.

OpenCloner Ripper Encoder

Finally click "Start" to start transcoding.

5. Wait for the transcoding task to done

After OpenCloner Ripper starts transcoding, we don't need to do anything, just wait patiently.

OpenCloner RipperOpenCloner Ripper

At this point, our transcoding work is complete.

Updated : 2023-08-11.