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Introduction of the Expert Interface

Article ID: 27
Last updated: 04 Nov, 2016

1. OpenCloner Express Center: Opens the free built-in software OpenCloner Express Center.
2. Switch to the Express interface: Enters the Express interface.
3. Advanced setup: Enters the "Advanced setup" window.
4. About: Opens the "About" window.
5. Help: Opens the "Help" file.
6. Minimize: Minimizes DVD-Cloner to the icon tray.
7. Exit: Exits DVD-Cloner.
8. "Copy the DVD movie from the hard disk to a DVD+/-R (DL)" copy mode
9. "Copy a DVD movie disc to a DVD+/-R (DL) or to the hard disk" copy mode
10. "Combine multiple DVDs to one DVD+/-R DL or BD-R(DL)" copy mode

Article ID: 27
Last updated: 04 Nov, 2016
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Copy a Blu-ray movie disc to a blank BD-R/RE(DL) with DVD-Cloner...       When the source is DVD-5