What can i do when Blu-ray copy failed?

Blu-ray copy failed when “Reading…”.

If this happens at the very beginning of the reading process and there are no other windows that have been explicitly prompted, it may be due to the problem with the optical drive. Please check whether the drive can be accessed and whether data can be written to the temporary directory in the “Setup” window. Then restart the software. If this happens in the midst of reading, please clean the disc because the disc is damaged or dirty, and make sure the option “Use direct I/O to access the CD-ROM” in “Setup” - “Read” is enabled and then try again. If this problem still exists, please contact support through the Feedback window.

Blu-ray copy failed when “Burning…”.

Please switch to “HCBURN” as the burn engine in the “Setup” window and reduce the burn speed. Or replace your BD-R and Blu-ray burner.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.