The advantages of 64-bit.

64-bit has been very common during the past years with the development of electronics products. The 64-bit environment involves both hardware and software components. Although the conversion to 64-bit hardware alone may improve performance somewhat, optimum benefit is derived only when 64-bit hardware and software are working together. As for hardware, a 64-bit CPU can calculate individual tasks twice as fast as a 32-bit CPU and can address significantly more random access memory (RAM) than the 4GB limit imposed by 32-bit processors. The advantages of 64-bit hardware and software include more storage capacity of physical, virtual and continuous memory, better parallel processing, faster bus architecture, more secure, better scalability, lower total cost of ownership, etc. Of course, every icon has two sides. 64-bit has its own weak points. For example, it will need more virtual memory, result in a larger data transaction, so that small or repetitive tasks may run more slowly than in a 32-bit environment. Therefore, whether install a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system depends on your specific needs and individual circumstances.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.