How to copy Blu-ray to DVD?

Some movie collectors want to copy Blu-ray to DVD for collection. In general, Blu-ray should be burned to BD-R and keep HD video. But if you only have DVD discs, it’s also an option to copy Blu-ray to DVD-R in SD format.

  1. Install the latest version of Blue-Cloner
  2. Run Blue-Cloner and go to the Expert window. Then choose “Copy a Blu-ray movie to DVD/AVCHD”.

dvd to bd

  1. Insert a Blu-ray movie disc and then click the “Next” button. Then You’ll see the copy mode selection window.

dvd to bd

  1. In this window, you can choose one from four modes to burn Blu-ray. Here we choose “Copy a Blu-ray movie to a DVD-5”, and click “Next” - “Next”.
  2. Blue-Cloner begins to read and convert Blu-ray to DVD. Please wait about 30 minutes and then insert a blank DVD-5 to burn.
  3. Completed!

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.