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How to create multi-language text for the DVD-Cloner interface

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Last updated: 09 Nov, 2018
  • Download the latest version of DVD-Cloner and install it.

  • You can find multi-language files in the “lang” folder under the DVD-Cloner installation directory.

  • Check every language file’s name first to see if the language you want to translate already exists.

  • Open english.txt or the language files you are familiar with, then translate them one row by one row.

  • Save your translated text as a new language files. Do not overwrite the original file.

    Note: The txt file should be saved as UTF-8 encoding formats.

  • Please send your new language files to support@dvd-cloner.com, our support team will contact you when they receive it.

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Article ID: 381
Last updated: 09 Nov, 2018
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