What can I do when I encounter burn failed?

When we use some burning software, we often encounter problems with burning failure. Now, let me explain to you how to deal with if you have failed to burn.

1. Why does the recording fail?

Generally, the burning process is a mechanical process. Encoding videos just need to utilize the CPU, burning is not like that. Burning process does not only utilize the CPU to work, and it also require the CPU to mobilize the optical drive motor to reciprocate and use the laser to engrave the disc. If your burner’s motor has been used for too long, it may not be flexible. At this time, you will hear a “beep” sound, and then you will fail to burn. The most common case is that the aging of the laser emitter in the recorder caused the recording to fail. In other cases, burning software was interrupted during the work process, and the burning data stream was interrupted, resulting in the burning failure.

2. How to avoid burning failure?

To avoid burning failures, you need to adhere to the following principles: a. During the burning process, please exit other unnecessary software, especially not to run other burning software. Otherwise, it will lead to “contention” of the optical drives, which will easily lead to the burning failure. b. Using name brand, high-quality DVDR/BDR discs, cheap discs easily cause a burn failure, and it’s also not a good choice for data storage. c. Replace the burner regularly. When the burning fails multiple times, or the burned disc cannot be recognized by other optical drives, you need to consider replacing the optical drive. d. Using high-quality burning software, good burning software can maximize the performance of the recorder and reduce the burning failure.

3. What should I do if I encounter an error when using DVD-Cloner/Blue-Cloner software?

When you encounter “Burn failed” with DVD-Cloner/Blue-Cloner as below, please follow the suggestions, you can fix it.

burning failure

Here are the steps: a. Reduce the burn speed. If it is DVDR, try 8X, 4x. If it is BDR, try 4x, 2x. You can set the burn speed in the burn tab of the setup window. b. Use a different burning engine. Open the setup window and open the burn tab. You can switch between 2 burning engines (HCBURN, OCBURN). c. Copy the DVD and BD to the hard disk and store it in ISO format. Then use another burning software to burn this ISO file. d. Try other brands of DVDR/BDR, or burner.

burning failure

burning failure

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.