How to send the log file and IFO files?

When you come across a tech issue with using DVD-Cloner, please send us a feedback through the program. The feedback will auto-forward a log file to us, the log file records the recent running history of the program and also the issue. Our support will forward your feedback to our developers to have a check then help you further.

In the upper right corner of the program, you can see four buttons, please find “feedback” in the drop down menu of the second button (main menu). Just fill out a brief description of your issue and your correct email address. You have no need to manually attach the log, it will be forwarded to us automatically.

BTW. Please don’t worry about anything, the log file will not record any kind of personal privacy information, but just the recent running history of the program. We just need the information to better help you and won’t take it for any other use.

Updated : Feb 25, 2022.