Is DVD-Cloner for Mac able to remove region code, CSS and Macrovision protection?

Yes. DVD-Cloner for Mac can automatically remove all protections such as region codes, CSS, Macrovision, RE, RCE, etc when reading data.





Region, CSS and Macrovision protection:
You may have encountered such a thing: your purchased DVD can not be played. Why comes this? You probably don't know that the DVD reproducers sold in retail stores have a little feature called "region protection". What is it? The movie industry has divided the world into six DVD regions and three Blu-ray regions. Software firms lock reproducers into one of these regions, so that a disc purchased in America will not be played in Europe to ensure that discs purchased in one region can only be played in this region. Another is CSS protection, which is the abbreviation of Content Scramble System, is a DRM scheme used on almost all commercially produced DVD-Video discs. Most DVD players are equipped with a CSS. There are two purposes for CSS. On one hand, it prevents byte-for-byte copies of an MPEG stream from being playable. On the other hand, it provides a reason for manufacture to make compliant devices. In addition, there is Macrovision protection, which is the most effective and widely used technology for preventing unauthorized copying. Although the process remains completely transparent on the duplicated copy, it degrades unauthorized copies made on about 86% of all U.S. customer VCR and TV combinations. At present, these protections can't make a splash, but only exist to keep copying within limits.

Updated : 2023-08-11.