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How to install and uninstall DVD-Cloner for Mac on my PC?

Article ID: 284
Last updated: 26 Dec, 2017

Install DVD-Cloner for Mac

DVD-Cloner for Mac provides a dmg installation package

After downloaded the dmg installation package, please double-click on it, and the installation file will be mounted automatically. Please drag the DVD-Cloner for Mac 's icon to Applications alias icon in the pop-up window. You can also add an alias on your desktop if you need.

Uninstall DVD-Cloner for Mac

If you want to uninstall DVD-Cloner for Mac , please run DVD-Cloner for Mac first, and then select the "Reset" option in the "Help" menu, then just remove it from Applications folder.

Article ID: 284
Last updated: 26 Dec, 2017
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