Does DVD-Cloner for Mac support external DVD burners?

Yes, it supports external DVD burners.





"External DVD burners":
An external DVD burner is a software that makes DVD burning more convenient than the one built into the computer which is called internal DVD burner. What are their differences? Internal burners are relatively cheaper, but you have to dismantle the computer to install it, whereas connecting an external burner is easier and requires just a few cables like USB 2.0 and FireWire to connect to the PC. External burners are also ideal for traveling purposes, because they are very easy to carry. In addition, an external DVD burner is faster and has more features than an internal DVD burner. What's more important, an external DVD burner is easier to maintain, replace or repair, compared to an internal burner. When it needs repair, the computer will work normally and not be influenced. It also allows for newer features to be used that might not have been available when the DVD burner in the computer was created. However, there are some problems with the external DVD burner. If your computer won't recognize DVD burner, you need to check the physical connections between the DVD burner and the computer. You must make sure that the power cord is correctly plugged in for power and DVD burner is turned. If your computer refuses to recognize DVD burner, you must make sure that the DVD burner has been updated to the most recent firmware by going to the manufacturer's web site and checking through support.

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.