How can I get and register the bonus software?

The bonus software bundles with DVD-Cloner. We provide the "automatic registration" service. As long as you have registered DVD-Cloner, the bonus software will be registered automatically when you run it.
Take DVD-to-AVI for example:
Run DVD-Cloner and enter the Expert operating interface. Click the DVD-to-AVI button:
1. If you have installed DVD-to-AVI on your computer, you will see an info box. Click "Yes" to run the software.
2. If you haven't installed DVD-to-AVI on your computer, it will ask you if you want to download DVD-to-AVI.
You can run DVD-to-MPEG and DVD-to-SVCD in the same way.
Minimum requirements of "auto registration":
DVD-Cloner: Version 4.00
DVD-to-AVI: Version 3.00
DVD-to-MPEG: Version 3.00
DVD-to-SVCD: Version 3.00

Updated : Jul 29, 2021.