The representation of the three letters DVD

Here are some proposal meanings behind DVD:

Digital venereal disease: referring to piracy and copying of DVDs

Digital versatile disc: a meaning later proposed by some of DVD’s creators

Dead, very dead: from naysayers who predicted DVD would never take off

Delayed, very delayed: referring to the many late releases of DVD formats

Digital video disc: the original meaning proposed by some of DVD’s creators

Diversified, very diversified: referring to the proliferation of recordable formats and other spinoffs

The word DVD comes from “digital video disc”. Some DVD Forum members tried to express how DVD far beyond the pain twisted by retrofitting the phrase “digital video versatile disc”. But it never officially recognized by all DVD forums. In 1999, the latest report from DVD Forum Steering Committee decreed the three letters “DVD” as the international standard. However, Toshiba Company – the maintainer of the DVD Forum Website - still confused and used “digital video disc”.

Updated : Aug 12, 2021.