How long does it take for DVD-Cloner for Mac to copy a DVD?

The copy time may vary with your computer configuration, burn speed and the contents of the movie. Normally the copy time will range from 30 minutes to two hours. We recently performed a test copying a 6.92GB DVD-9 movie to a 4.7GB disc. It took about 30 minutes to finish the copy.





DVD copy for Mac software burning speed
Mac, or Macintosh, is a world-famous brand name of personal computers designed and developed by Apple Inc. Mac OS X was released in 2001. The latest version is Mac OS X Leopard. One problem about DVD copy for Mac software is the burning speed. The burning speed sounds like recording on a VCR. There is only so much magnetic particle density, so slower tape speed allowed more tape use but would result in slightly lower quality. The speed rating refers to maximum data transfer rates and the speed of burning the data to the disk. The speed rating of the disk comes into play here as well. Here we make a comparison of three DVD copy for Mac software from different aspects. They are all among the best DVD copy software. They are respectively DVD-Cloner for Mac, Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac and Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac. DVD-Cloner for Mac is easier to use and more popular than the latter two. As for features, DVD-Cloner for Mac has more than the other two. In addition, DVD-Cloner for Mac and Aimersoft DVD Copy for Mac have higher user rating than Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac. The last and the most important, DVD-Cloner for Mac has higher burning speed than the other two.

Updated : 2023-08-11.