How to use Open PassDCP to strip HDCP?

What is Open PassDCP?

Open PassDCP is a free utility software for you to crack various video capture devices and strip the HDCP protection from the devices. Up to now, Open PassDCP has supported to Crack ClonerAlliance products and Strip HDCP of ClonerAlliance. With the development of the next version, Open PassDCP will support more brands of products.

Main Interface

  1. Help: Click to open the "Help" file.

  2. About: Click to open the "About" window.

  3. Minimize: Click to minimize Open PassDCP to the task bar.

  4. Close: Click to exit Open PassDCP.

  5. Product: Select the device model manually.

  6. Patch: Click here and the firmware will be patched automatically.

Open PassDCP main interface



Take UHD Pro as an example:

Open PassDCP connection

  1. Connect the power adapter to the 5V/2A port of UHD Pro and plug it into the power socket.

  2. Connect the Micro-USB to USB cable between the "To PC" port of UHD Pro and the USB port of PC.

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Getting started

  1. Please select correct product model in "model list". Click "Patch".

Open PassDCP getting start

  1. You will get the message "The device was connected. click "Next" to patch device. " If you select wrong model, the software can't recognize it.

Open PassDCP getting start

  1. The device was patched. Click "Next" to continue.

Open PassDCP getting start

  1. Patch ok.

Open PassDCP getting start

Important Tip:

In the process of using UHD Pro, if you can not see the input video and find the red "Please scan QR" in the "HDMI IN" field of OSD on TV/monitor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please make sure the source device is connected and turned on, and also the top indicator of UHD Pro is flashing blue and green alternatively.

  2. Please press and HOLD the H.264/H.265 button on UHD Pro for about 5-10 seconds until the input video shows up on TV/monitor. FYI. The solution is also applicable to fix the color-bar screen when using with PC.

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Updated : 2023-08-11.