How to convert a 4K UHD Blu-ray movie to a high quality MP4 file?

If you want to collect your favorite 4K UHD movie discs, you are worried that the discs will lose data when stored for a long time. It would be a good idea to convert a 4K UHD movie disc to a high quality MP4 file and save it to your hard drive.

1. Prepare software

OpenCloner Ripper software (Download OpenCloner Ripper) is an excellent UHD ripping software that can encodes high quality video files, which is our choice.

2. Prepare UHD friendly drive

As we all know, to read 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, you need to use a UHD friendly drive. You must use a UHD friendly drive to practice this tutorial.

3. Launch OpenCloner Ripper

Put a 4K UHD disc into the UHD friendly drive and start the OpenCloner Ripper. Open the disc and make sure the main movie has been automatically selected,then click 'Next'

OpenCloner Ripper Open 4K blu-ray disc

It should be noted that if you want to select a subtitle track, it is recommended that you save it in MKV format instead of using MP4 format. Because MP4 does not support subtitle selection for Blu-ray movies, OpenCloner Ripper will synthesize subtitles into video automatically when outputting MP4.

4. Set Encoder

We first select encoder preset 'Fast 2160p30' and then click the 'Edit encoder' button to modify the encoding parameters.

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

When we rip a 4K UHD movie, we hope to reduce the file size with the highest image quality. It is recommended to use the H265 encoding format and use a fixed frame rate so that our video files will have better compatibility.

Then how do we set to get high quality videos? OpenCloner Ripper provides two quality control methods, Constant Quality and Avg Bitrate, usually, if you do not want to strictly control the video file size, then it is recommended to use Constant Quality to automatically control the bit rate, so that we can get a high quality video file. Setting Constant Quality Value requires some coding experience. If the scene changes a lot or the video source is complex, you need to set a lower value. For the general 4K source we recommend to set it to 18 to 20.

The settings we need to make in the "Edit Encoder-Video" page are:

  1. Modify the codec to H265.

  2. Modify the frame rate to 23.976.

  3. Modify the Constant Quality to 18.

  4. Click the button behind "Video codec" to open the 'Advance code setup' window and modify the "Encoder preset" to "slower".

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

Open the "Edit Encoder-Audio" page, we modify the audio:

  1. The first original audio is AC3, 640KB, 5.1 channels, we compress to AC3, 384KB, 5.1 channels.

  2. The second track is a TRUE HD track. We keep this HD track, no compression, and choose direct copy.

  3. The third track we compressed into aac, 192kb, stereo.

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

Open the Edit Encoder -Filter page and make sure no filters are selected. Because our video source is 4K UHD movie, it has very good quality and we don't need to add any filters.

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

Finally, confirm that our encoding information is like this in the Information window:

Youtube Recommended upload encoding settings

Now we can start the coding work by clicking 'Start' button.

5. Wait for the converting task to done

After OpenCloner Ripper starts converting, we don't need to do anything, just wait patiently.

OpenCloner RipperOpenCloner Ripper

At this point, our converting work is complete.

6. Trouble shooting

a). UHD friendly drive will go to sleep when it has not been read for a long time. If you hear the sound of the optical drive, it indicates that it has gone to sleep. Please exit the disk, re-insert it, and then re-open the software for reading.

Updated : 2023-08-11.