How to Download HBOM online video in HEVC mp4 file?

There are a lot of high-quality videos published on the HBOM website. Most of these videos are encoded in h264 and also in hevc. Videos with high quality are often encoded using hevc. So how to download hevc encoded video?

1. Prepare Streaming-Cloner HBOM Downloader

Streaming-Cloner is a software that can download online videos from mainstream streaming platforms. It’s very simple to use. First you need to download and install this software.


2. Set up

Open the setup window of Streaming-Cloner HBOM Downloader, then open “Video” label and check “Enabled HEVC video download(If existed)”.

3. Downloading

Search you favorite movie or series, then click “download” button.

waiting to finish.


Updated : Apr 25, 2022.